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Hi There.

I'm just a gal who loves beautiful things, all the vintage goodness, and everything to do with making my 1960s house a home for my family.

I am not the type to shy away from a tough home renovation, I think outside the box with my decor, and also bring all the classic romantic french townhouse touch that I enjoy so much.

In my home you will find I am not afraid to decorate with items that have a little rust or wear. For me, that is what makes a home -- enjoying the rich history of decor while mixing it up with in new decor to make that perfectly conglomeration of all things I love.

I hope you are inspired and enthusiastically look around your home to see what your favorite style is. Then GO FOR IT! :)

Be Inspired.
Buy Vintage.

Creator of Harrington Hearth

Having a love for all things vintage, I make it my mission to feature interesting items, create one-of-a-kind pieces, and inspire others to create their favorite home. Join me as I grow your love of the vintage style.


I have always loved to create, grow, and be inspired by items that had history. It's amazing that a childhood fascination of vintage items, stored away in an old bread box, could translate into my passion even now.


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Get to know

Harrington Hearth Vintage

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. - Rumi

My secret little treasures which included an old Bible, a lot of old coinage, small gifts from family members that had passed on, and of course items I thought were "oh, so cool" and may be worth something one day. As I sit here thinking about it, I cannot help but laugh at the younger me. Really though, am I so different now?

The Old vs. The New


You'll see. I spend a lot of my time caring for two small kids, working for two companies, and doing a lot of the normal day-to-day items like most of you. All of those mundane things make me who I am: Mother, Colleague, Friend, Confidant... and the list goes on. What many don't know about me is that I LOVE vintage items.


On weekends, you'll find me at the local thrift store, the flea market or at the nearest garage sale looking for the diamond in the rough. It's an adventure to me. It's a thrill. I'd say it definitely a passion to repurpose items, buy vintage finds, and then use them to decorate my home and others.


I hope you enjoy my inspiration. Both on the site and in your home.